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About JPC Holdings Co., Ltd.

Message from the President

enomoto5enJPC Holdings is a company built on my three “wants” and a belief in “ishoku dogen (medicine and food are of the same source.)”

The three “wants” that fill my mind are: “I WANT to be praised by others,” “I WANT to be recognized by others,” and “I WANT to help others.” I do not really stand out from the crowd in any academic discipline. However, there is a saying in Japanese that “even a pig can climb a tree if flattered enough” and I am one such person. I believe that nothing can be more rewarding than sharing common goals with others and joining forces with them to achieve those goals—which led me to establish JPC Holdings.

Have you ever heard of the term “ishoku dogen?” It refers to the idea that you can prevent and cure many illnesses by sticking to a well-balanced, tasty diet. Imagine a horizon, over which soil accumulates as knowledge and information is added. Plot several hundreds of millions of experiences and bits of knowledge over the horizon, and the result will be a picture of a “mountain of knowledge and experience,” built up by the human race. The picture in my head looks like Mount Fuji. The summit area of it represents those much-talked-about areas of business, such as regenerative medicine and rejuvenating drugs, while areas like supplements, functional food products and environment improvement agents spread vastly towards the foot of the mountain.
Making the most of the empirical values that have stayed with us since ancient times, when human beings had just appeared on Earth, JPC Holdings provides consulting services in the field of health science. At the same time, we are also engaging in business in the latest medical areas, such as radiation cancer therapy.
We would greatly appreciate your kind support.


Corporate Philosophy

  • We contribute to human health.
  • We value the smile of the heart.

Management Policy

As a Life Science Intermediary, we contribute to the creation of a people-friendly society by advancing projects that scientifically pursue comfortable lifestyles, ideal environments and a bright future. We do our utmost to ensure transparent and trustworthy management for each and every person surrounding us.

Company Overview

Trade name    JPC Holdings Co., Ltd.
Establishment    August 18, 2015
Capital       3 million yen
Representative   President & CEO Shigeru Enomoto
Headquarters       817F.Studio Shinmido, 1-19-23 Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 532-0003 Japan
Phone number     +81 6 6394 2330

Executives Introduction

Biography of President & CEO, Shigeru Enomoto

BS in Pharmaceutical Science from Kyoto University in Japan.
MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business in USA.
Director, Licensing Dept. at Takeda Pharm. Co Ltd. Manager of Takeda GmbH., Germany.
Board Member, Strategic BD at Maruishi Pharm Co., Ltd., Japan.
CEO & Representative Director of Valneva Toyama Japan KK.
Honored by Osaka Prefecture as a Person of Pharmaceutical Merits in 2007.
Invited Lecturer of Medical/Engineering Allied School, Osaka University (2014- ).



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