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Life environment around us has changed significantly.
Especially in developed countries such as Japan, along with the “aging”, life science business has dramatically developed.

The areas of life science business are wide enough to cover pharmaceuticals, food and home appliances.  New business opportunities appear one after another to satisfy the needs of individuals and the society.

We are Life Science Intermediary. JPC Holdings, with staffs of high specialty and long term experience in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, will support your company as a mediator in between you and the life science, to realize the business in your future. JPCH will collaborate with key opinion leaders in various fields to enhance the R&D, manufacturing and sales activities.

Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipments & Hospital Management

Comprehensive service in medical fields such as consulting business for pharmaceuticals, medical equipments and hospital management. JPCH activities include medical tourism and recruitment of medical workers.

Functional Food & Agricultural Product Business

JPCH will support to obtain certificate as functional foods. JPCH will act as a gateway company for companies who want to export functional foods overseas and/or import functional foods to Japan.

Environment Related Business

JPCH’s service is for environmental cleanup agents business such as business development, sales, and import and export.

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